2017 7th Annual

Summer Solstice Day Event ~ Reborn

Arise life be renewed!  Arise life be healed! Arise hope be reborn!

When: June 24th  11am – 10pm & later

Where: PCC at The Land in Willow


A special 7th year gathering hosted by the PCC, The Land, Fire Tribe AK, and other involved small group community partners.

We continue rebuilding the site from the destruction of the 2015 wildfire season and there have been many changes taking place on the property.  If you haven’t been out to see us PLEASE register for an awesome, informative day and catered Solstice celebration with other involved community members.

Come celebrate the turning of the Great Wheel with extended community during the height of our local solstice sun! Come see where we are in our Sockeye Fire Recovery, participate in some fun activities, enjoy a nice BBQ. Walk the grounds.  Tour our changing property.  There will be dancing, drumming, an evening ritual, some small workshops, tribal activities, co-op gardening, and a led healing meditation.

Reserve the date:  June 24, 2017


 Here are important information and general special event links:  

Site Rules

Safety & First Aid