In order for everyone to have the most fun we have a few ongoing requirements during your stay. Sorry, but it must be done.

Only designated security personnel will carry firearms. These individuals will be marked with a security badge.

Please let Staff members know if you encounter a bear or a bear sign.

Children must be attended at all times

Typically during sponsored events there are childrens workshop periods that free parents to attend others. Please pick children up at the end of that period promptly unless prior arrangements have been made. That said, some people will keep an eye on children if asked nicely by a parent or guardian.

Watch bare feet on site
There have been dumpers and squatters on the property in the past, and since the wildfire there may be broken glass or other unseen hazards on the grounds.  If you see something that appears unsafe please notify a volunteer coordinator.

Food must be attended at all times (outside vehicles)
This is bear country.  All personal food must be secured overnight in your vehicle. Pack out what you pack in.


No independent campfires/cooking fires

This is also forest fire country. In the Community Kitchen area designated for cooking, and during special events there will be grills available for use as well.


Last but not least, be respectful and polite.



The laws on the outside apply to the inside. We still have to obey all Federal, State, and local the laws of the land. Period.


If The Land receives complaints from neighbors, PCC Staff may request folks lower the volume to a more acceptable level.

Drum sounds will also be monitored for volume and may be required to lower the volume to appease local law enforcement and/or neighbors.

3)     CAMERAS
The operator of the camera must be wearing an approved photographic armband. (obtain at check in)

It is ILLEGAL to photograph children under the age of 18 in any context that shows nudity on the part of a child or any other person in the photo.

Permission must be obtained from every recognizable person in the photo or viewfinder.  Please respect others privacy.

Use of any pictures or video obtained during the gathering for public viewing or distribution must have the written approval of the people in the photo and of the event coordinators or the Board of Directors of the PCC.

Respect must be given and honored to those who do not want their picture taken.

Failure to abide by these rules will result but are not limited to one or more of the following:
Loss of camera for the event, Loss of film or data card, and or Eviction from the event.

A PCC Staff member may identify and enforce when photography cannot be a part of a gathering’s activities.

Absolutely NO photography of nudity of any kind is allowed at any time.

4)   PETS
Pets are welcome anytime at the land during our normal seasonal schedule with the EXCEPTION of special events. ONLY pet owners with written approved permission before arrival to the land may bring pets. All animal family pets are to be the responsibility of the owner. Pets and/or owners causing problems or not under control will be asked to leave at the discretion of any PCC Staff.

Dogs are not to be left unattended at anytime.  Leash use is Required during ritual events and recommended at all other times while on the property.  Animals must remain under the direct control of their owners.   All animals are expected to have proof of up to date vaccinations if requested.


Participants are not permitted in or on adjacent properties.
There are No Exceptions!

Feeding of ANY Wildlife is not permitted without permission of Property Representatives.

Attendees are required to remain within the property grounds unless permission is received from PCC or safety representatives to leave site.

Smoking is not permitted in Ritual areas or under any roof.

Please be considerate and dispose of any butts responsibly in designated recepticles and do not throw them on the ground.

PLEASE DO NOT place any smoking waste into any Ritual Fire.

7)   PARKING and WALKING at the Gathering
During Events please park your vehicle in the parking lot or on the road directly adjacent to the property. We must avoid impeding other road traffic.

Please place the parking permit in your windshield. We will be checking and unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

Please follow the trail & signs during the event. Walking, It’s the easiest way to get around.

The Site is not dry, but we do expect you to drink responsibly.
The Fairy Grotto will store any of your BYOB libations during special events for $5 or an ice donation. 

(Private Fairy Grotto members Club Token is available for separate purchase 21+ adults)
And, of course, the same rules apply as in the real world.

Do Not serve minors, do not drink and drive, etc.

We know none of us are enthused about them but please be considerate and help us keep them clean. Outhouses are serviced every morning.

If you find you need more toilet paper in the privies, please find a PCC Staff member or visit the registration desk.

Only human waste and toilet paper are allowed. Sanitary items should be wrapped and taken with you for disposal.

Do not leave them in the outhouses.

Please place in marked containers provided or TAKE with you when you leave!!!!!  This is a green site.

DO NOT leave trash where you camp, by the kitchen,  or by the outhouses.

Please leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.
The local animals will appreciate it!


Additional Site Suggestions

Bring lots of water to drink
Keep some with you at all times.  Dishwashing water will be provided at the dishwashing station in the community kitchen.
There is also well water available for use.

Bring something to sit on.
Camp chairs are great, but take portability into account when planning for workshops. Consider bringing a tarp for sitting (and to share!) or a small rug to sit on for convenience.

The grounds are slowly recovering from the wildfire, but can also be wet.

Camp near the developing area of the site.
Stay in earshot of your fellow campers for safety. The forest fire has left dangerous tree detris in many areas around the property. Stay in marked areas of the property, when in doubt ask one of the treefolk. 

Much of the site looks pretty much the same outside of developed areas.

Stay in groups when traveling around the site, and make lots of noise.
Please don’t sneak up on bears or moose.

BUG SPRAY yep outside summer Alaska you know the drill.