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There is absolutely nothing that gets done out here on The Land without your generous efforts!

The PCC, the property owners, and gathering organizers are humbled each year as involved community members donate copious amounts of free time to help us develop this small parcel of property for our community and beyond.

There are many opportunities over the summer season to volunteer a hand, meet some active members of our local community, and help make a solid difference manifesting permanent sacred space here in Alaska. Twice each month we offer a chance for folks to come out for the weekend or an afternoon and get their hands dirty volunteering at The Land. There are always things that need done out here; trail blazing, landscaping, general construction, wood busting, tree work, wildlife monitoring, and just relaxing each evening at the fire circle chatting with others. If you are interested in helping out check out the details below or drop an email to info@pcc-ak.org about work parties. Just remember there are two words in that: Work and Party! Volunteers may receive discounted PCC membership & other community center membership perks! Hope to see you there!

Volunteers Work Party Weekends

PCC 2017 Season Schedule