The Pathways program at the PCC is our unique way of sharing polytheistic traditions and path specific work in a structured series of lectures, workshops, monthly or weekly classes that draw lessons from the vast experience of local community elders and other private and public groups active in our great land. Each core section of our Pathways program is a complete stand-alone series of classes based in each specific tradition. Course study involves beginning, intermediate and advanced occult education offerings covering a wide range of in depth spiritual topics on the individual paths that you are most interested in calling your own. Come learn something new or continue to broaden your own knowledge of the all the various and interesting facets of modern Polytheism.

Some of our currently available core Pathways courses are:

  • General Pagan studies
  • Journeys – Monthly guided meditations
  • Animist –
  • Ceremonial – Hermetic studies
  • Druidry – Among the trees (dedicant work)
  • Heathen – Asataru, Norse studies
  • Hellenic –
  • Shamanic –
  • Vedic – Sacred fire
  • Wicca – A year and a day classes


Full Pathways class descriptions and course schedules will be available in Our Market as they are finalized and at the PCC office.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the PCC Programs Director.