Our Dragon’s Lair is a PCC’s  parent-run volunteer area for youngling children during our community or sponsored special events. There are snacks, crafts, and seasonal activities all in a space with plenty of room to run. You can also rest easy and enjoy your time at an event knowing that your children are being cared for by fellow responsible and qualified volunteer members.


Outdoor Exploration
Rainy Day Fun
Scavenger Hunt Leaf prints (w/ playdough or clay)
Silly walks – animal follow the leader Natural watercolors
Water ballon dodge Crayon resist watercolor – nature or flower painting
Giant bubbles Giant paper Butterfly or Fairie wings
Three-legged races Create a nature journal
Cloud dough Summer snowball toss – (shaving cream & corn starch) Recycled can tin drums
Jar terrariums Story times
Lesson Plans and materials for these activities are always ready and available for our parent volunteers supervised use during special events.

Check out our event schedule or email us to see how you can help out.