concept 3

Our Community Center and Nature Sanctuary will be able to help promote economic and social stability for expected growth in the Mat-Su region, as well as providing a local park setting for reasonably sized public & semi-public events, and a sacred site for private religious gatherings to be held safely and comfortably. The facility will offer reasonable space for educational workshops on environmental conservation and will be a physical representation of sustainable building practices in Alaska. The Land will also offer support for local sustained recreational activities by providing limited primative camping areas, services and other accommodations for outdoor enthuisiasts and area tourism for visiting non-Alaskans.

Programs will be designed to take advantage of what members of the Community Center can offer to the greater surrounding area and local communities:

  1. A Nature sanctuary and earth retreat center pathways program for networking and expanding permanent educational resources for the diverse polythiestic spiritual community in Alaska.  A permanent area for sacred circle, grove, and temple space for practicing members of community.
  2. A Childrens Summer Camp will be established to help support funding for the PCC as well as bringing additional education to the community’s children.
  3. An Artist-In-Residence program will be adapted to offer a wide range of creative and artistic opportunity for the community while providing on site staff advantage for the Community Center.

The conference room spaces will provide meeting areas for any group within the Southcentral Alaska area – book clubs, drum circles, social groups, private parties, and presentations. Community members can also use these spaces for formal group discussions, co-op  food programs, central areas for daytrip carpooling, planning meetings for events, fundraisers and educational workshops.

The Land and property itself is slowing becoming a blossoming animal haven and nature sanctuary.  A semi-public park with beautiful trails, tent camping & small cabin rentals, and a peaceful place for retreat from the bustling urban world.